Beginners, Primaries & Juniors

Beginners Church includes the ages of 3-5 years and occurs during our normal scheduled services: Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening. Primary church is designed to meet the needs of this age group by helping them to transition from the nursery to traditional classes and church services. It also begins laying the foundation of Biblical principles through illustrated lessons, songs, snacks, prizes, and more, all while learning important lessons from Gods Word.

Primary Church is for K5 - 2nd Grades. This church has all the games, songs, and prizes of previous ages, but also begins to challenge these children, with lessons, sermons and stories from Gods word, to live their lives like Jesus Christ. In today's world, children fall under attack from peer pressure, and temptation even in these early stages of life. It is so important that this age group gets all the positive exposure to the Bible and church that they can. Led by Wendy Kleintop and Sue Gable.

Junior Church is designed for grades 3rd - 6th. There are prizes, games, songs, and also sermons from Gods Word that help these pre-teens make the right decisions as they begin to transition from childhood to their teenage years. Our goal is to make church fun and exciting. The children are encouraged not only in making decisions for God themselves, but are also introduced to the concept of leading others to do the same also. Led by Travis Phillips.